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In this blog, I’ll be reviewing the Infinix TV S1, This is Infinix’s attempt at making a  smart TV. It’s called the Infinix TV S1.

You can get it either in a 43-inch 1080p version, or a 55-inch 4K variant. So we’re going to go through all of the specs and features,   everything about this TV.

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Infinix Smart TV S1 Specifications

Here are the detailed specifications of the Infinix Tv S1. The specs of the Infinix smart TV S1 include.

General Features

  • Smart TV: Yes
  • 3D TV: No
  • Colors: Black
  • Video Engine: Nil
  • Dimension: 558 x 958 x 580 mm for 43-inch, 714.9 x 1226.8 x 773.5 mm for 55-inch
  • Weight: Nil
  • Built-in Camera: No
  • USB Playback: Yes


  • Display Type: Flat LED Panel, Frameless Design
  • Screen Size: 43-inches, 55-inches
  • Screen Resolution: FHD 1920 x 1080 for 43-inches, 4K 3840 x 2160 for 55-inches
  • Screen Features: up to 300nits, 4K HDR for 55-inch, 60Hz frame rate, up to 5000:1 contrast ratio, 6.5ms response time

Infinix Smart TV S1 Features

  • Platform: Android OS
  • Processor: 8GB ROM and 1.5GB RAM
  • Multitasking: Nil
  • Built-in PVR: Nil
  • Voice Command: Nil
  • Face Recognition: Nil
  • Gesture Control: Nil
  • App Store: Yes, Netflix, YouTube
  • Social: Nil
  • Web Browser: Yes
  • Skype Support: Nil
  • Screen Mirroring: Yes
  • Content Sharing: Yes

Inputs/Outputs & Connectivity

  • HDMI Port: Yes, 2 x HDMI ports for 43-inches, 3 x HDMI ports for 55-inches
  • USB 2.0: Yes, two ports
  • MHL Port:
  • RF in:
  • AV in: Yes, one port
  • AV Out: Nil
  • VGA:
  • Component Video In (Y, Pb, Pr + Audio):
  • Digital Audio Out:
  • LAN: Yes, RJ45
  • Built-in Wi-Fi: Yes
  • Wi-Fi Direct: Yes, DLNA
  • Miracast:
  • WiDi:
  • Digital Broadcasting: Yes, PAL / NTSC / SECAM (43-inches), DVBT2/S2 (55-inches)
  • Audio System: Yes, 20W (10W + 10W)
  • Bluetooth: Yes, Bluetooth 4.0
  • Scart:
  • Infrared:
  • Headphone jack:

Other Features

  • TV Camera Support:
  • TV System: Yes
  • Stand Type: Yes
  • 4k Upscaler:
  • Warranty: 24 Months
  • Remote: Yes, also Smartphone Remote (via Infinix Life App), Air Mouse
  • DirectTV:

Rated Power

  • Power Consumption: 96V / 264V 50 / 60Hz
  • Power Consumption: 75W (43-inches) 135W (55-inches)
  • Standby Power:
  • Energy Efficiency Class:

For more details check out the product page on infinix site.

Infinix S1 Smart TV Key Features

  • Full-HD display with 1080 x 1920 (43-inches) and 4K display with 2160 x 3840 (55-inches)
  • HDR Picture Quality
  • Frameless Design
  • Dual 10W speakers
  • Dual Micro USB 2.0 ports
  • 2 HDMI ports (43-inches) and 3 HDMI ports (55-inches)
  • 1GB RAM (43-inches) and 1.5GB RAM (55-inches)
  • Infinix Life app
  • Android TV
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • Wi-Fi/Wi-Fi Direct
  • HOTSPOT screen mirroring
  • 24 Month Warranty.

Infinix TV S1 Overview & Set-Up

For a quick overview of Infinix smart TV S1, one thing to note is that it’s an Android TV. basically, if you’ve used an Android smartphone then you’d probably get used to this pretty quickly.

I unboxed this TV, I actually felt how light it was and I actually could carry it with 2 fingers on each of my hands, literally, no joke. so yeah it’s that light but it’s not so slim total length including the stand itself is 181mm.

Before getting to the TV itself, the stand that comes in the box is made of plastic, you get screws to fix it.

You also get an operation manual, AV cables if you’re using older appliances, and the remote which I  thought looked quite nice. I really liked the design of texture and design.

It didn’t take me that long to get the Infinix  TV up and running, it really wasn’t more than screwing the feet to the tv and lifting it up and  I was done. The stands hold the TV firmly to the table where it sits and you would want to make the  TV area have as little human activity as possible.  

I wouldn’t say you need to get professional help setting up the TV S1 unless you want to wall mount it and still, it’s quite a light tv and if you know what you’re doing you’ll get around it quickly. It doesn’t come with a  wall mounting bracket to prepare for that too.

When it comes to the ports and I/O, the power cord is not detachable from the left side while the other side houses the  Headphone port, single USB C port,  AV-in port, Digital Audio Out Port, Antenna Port, and One of 3 HDMI ports.

The other 2 are below the TV, which is where we’ve also got the LAN  cable, 2 HDMI ports, and another USB 2.0 Port. In the spirit of this TV is a frameless design, of course, when it’s turned off, you do get to see it without borders and it looks seamless so it would be a nice addition to your workspace right, but when it’s on,   there’s only a tiny bit of bezel around the edges which is not that bad, to be honest, I   think it’s a respectable size for a TV bezel and this Infinix TV isn’t that slim so yeah. It’s just okay.

Infinix TV S1 Review
Infinix TV S1 Remote
Remote Overview

Now to the remote, I like the dotted pattern in front and it has all of the buttons you’ll typically need including a shortcut for Netflix and YouTube.

Still, on the remote, there’s no microphone on it,   but there is google assistant embedded in it of course as an android smart tv but the lack of voice recognition is there, no microphone on the remote or the TV so you would only have to type stuff when you trigger the assistant which at this point you’re better off just navigating the menu.

Infinix Android TV S1 Display Quality & User Experience

Now in terms of Display Quality, It’s a 1920  by 1080p 60Hz LCD Panel & 4k, and from my experience with it, I noticed that the blacks were not as deep of course in comparison to an actual OLED display.

You’d probably be paying way more than  120K for an OLED screen and this screen when it shows black pixels, will reflect if there’s a direct light to it.

However, I did find movies, youtube, and tv shows to be quite good on here, you know it’s actually limited to 1080p at the max for streaming of course and from afar it looked okay.  

Only if you go really close would you be able to see some of the pixels on the display,  however, people may not really be as close to their TVs so they may not have that problem.

Speaking of Pixels. The icons were a bit pixelated and it almost seems as if the panel wasn’t fully taken advantage of by the  Android software. Not just icons too, it appears on texts and I didn’t quite like that as much. If you can, try it out at a store,   you should but many people would probably be ordering online so take note of the observation.

However, I did notice that the  PS4 took better advantage of the display. During my monitor test, I knew it was true  1080p because the website didn’t ask me to zoom and from one of the tests, the 1080p panel shows a slight crop at the bottom where the circle is a bit cut off but it’s perfect at the top. so that’s something to consider.

Infinix TV S1 comes with 1GB of RAM and 8GB of  Storage which is where a lot of the system files for AndroidTV are stored. It runs on  Android 9 for TV and As I mentioned earlier,   if you’re already familiar with your android smartphones then this would be really easy to operate.

So nothing major about software. I didn’t have any problem with console gaming when I plugged in the PS4 on here,  it was responsive and cool to use  I did notice a couple of flaws with player streaks when I played football I don’t know if it was the consoles response to the TV,   however, games like GTA and WatchDogs ran almost 100% smoothly.

Infinix TV S1 Review
Infinix TV S1 Gameplay

I also noticed that In picture mode, if you feel like Game Mode is a little too dark or too saturated for you try PC mode as that was more color accurate for me sometimes than having the color being overly saturated in the Normal game mode.

If you can, you can also use the Infinix Life App while connecting to the same wifi network as the  TV to control the TV either as a remote, or you can mirror your phone to your TV.

While I thought the mirroring graphics were quite good, the 1080p  transfer of both displays on my Infinix Zero 8 and the TV itself was comparable and not necessarily the sharpest. I did notice that there was a tad bit of lag in response time and it was almost like a 1-2 second delay which many people might not like.

If you want to mirror your phone to this  TV, I’d suggest it’d be for movies rather than gaming but if it’s like a racing game, it might not be as concerning so that’s something to note.

Basically, if you can, you’ll benefit more from console gaming or in-app content or even casting from your phone to your TV than mirroring your screen two separate things. Speaking of Casting from your phone to your TV.

This Infinix TV like many Android Smart TVs has Chromecast Built-In. This means you can easily cast content from Netflix, Showmax, Hulu, or any streaming service really, even Spotify onto your TV. This, however, is the type of TV to get a soundbar for.

Infinix S1 Sound Quality

In terms of sound quality, you do get dual 10W  speakers and they weren’t the loudest. In a small room, you’ll definitely enjoy this but in a bigger room, you’ll really want to get additional sound appliances but that doesn’t go to say it’s bad. Not at all.

I mean it comes with Dolby Audio too. The price range is also affordable. so yeah, it’s pretty much a deal.

Infinix TV S1 Review
Infinix TV S1 Ports



Is Infinix TV worth buying?

Infinix Tv is a great overall tv for your house. It is a smart android tv. You can watch tv, online shows, Youtube, Netflix, Facebook, and even play games.

Is Infinix TV S1 Good?

The Infinix TV S1 is a great smart android tv. It has got all the latest technology that most modern tv offers.

Does Infinix TV have Netflix?

Yes Infinix TV has preinstalled Netflix which you can find on Home Screen.

How to install Netflix on Infinix TV?

You can install Netflix from the Google Play Store available on Infinix TV.

Which Operating System does Infinix TV have?

Infinity TV runs on Android.

Can we video call on Infinix TV?

Yes, you can enjoy video calling via social media by connecting a USB webcam that has an inbuilt Microphone.

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  1. I’m really in love with Infinix Tv. I tried connecting Webcam to TV and Guess what? Like you said I was able to Video chat. Now my kids can study, attend online classes in tv.

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