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Apple has released an all-new Apple Watch SE. Many people are looking to buy a smartwatch. You might consider to buy it in 2020. There’s a lot of really good stuff about the Apple Watch SE. but there’s also a couple of things you want to be aware of what was cut out what’s not included in this watch and what this watch is incapable of doing?. we have a lot to discuss.

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Apple Watch SE Review

I want to start off with the physical aspects of this watch. The first thing to note is that this one comes in two sizes that are exactly the same sizes as every other apple watch between the Apple Watch 4,5 & 6. that means if you buy this one nobody’s gonna know that you saved almost $150 on the SE version because it’s going to look so similar to the flagship apple watch 6.

There are a couple of colors but they’re all going to come in aluminum. so if you’re looking for a more premium material you would have to buy the apple watch six. but I think aluminum is really not a big deal. when you’re looking at this watch it’s a classic rectilinear apple design. On the right side, there is a little digital crown as you spin that you can navigate throughout the watch interface. it also acts as a button that is your back button your home button your menu button. it does all of those depending on where you are. below on the right side there’s a microphone and below that, there’s a button that does things like to open up the apps you have available and if you can also control the power menu and things like that.

Apple Watch SE Review Pros & Cons
Apple Watch SE

On the left side of the Apple watch SE, there’s a speaker. if you flip it over you’ll see on the back there are heart rate diodes there. so it is able to measure your heart rate for workouts and stuff like that but it does not have blood oxygen nor does it have an ECG. which I know for most people the ECG is really not an issue. I think that’s really going to be something for people over the age of maybe 50 or anybody who has heart disease in their family. Maybe you want to get to watch six in that situation but I think a lot of people like myself are a little bit less concerned about getting an ECG on a watch. The blood oxygen is a little bit of a drawback because that’s something the watch could use for some more advanced fitness tracking.

Apple Watch SE has 32 gigabytes of storage onboard which is great for lots of apps for lots of uh saving music on here podcasts photos whatever you want to do. you’re really not limited by the storage that you might be on some other competitive watches

The Apple watch SE has Bluetooth to connect to earbuds or to your phone. it also has wi-fi it has GPS for tracking workouts. it has NFC for making payments with apple pay and you could get the LTE version. But even with the GPS version, you can still field phone calls and text messages and stuff like that as long as I’m connected to my phone by Bluetooth. The last thing to note about this physically is, that the water resistance is good for up to 50 meters. so if you’re going surfing or swimming or whatever you’re doing this watch should have absolutely no problem.

Apple Watch SE Review Pros & Cons
Apple Watch SE

When you get this watch there are a couple of apps you really want to use on your phone the first one, of course, is the watch app it’s how you set it up and everything and you have a couple of options on the bottom the first one is my watch. where you can change almost every setting about this watch there’s really a lot you can do there of course you can do a lot of it within the watch as well but controlling it from your phone is usually easier on a larger screen.

There’s a face gallery, you can pick some really wild ones, tons of watch faces to choose from, and then discover of course over here has some other stuff as well. now the other app you’ll be using is going to be the fitness app right here. now the fitness app I will admit is not my favorite fitness app out there I think a lot of other watches, for example, Garmin I think they have a much better one when you’re trying to decipher your fitness analytics.

There are tons of different features on this watch. so you have lots of cool things like workout tracking a compass a decibel meter with ear damage warnings, voice recording, breathing exercises, maps, period tracking, a remote camera & lots of stuff like that. It also has some basic things on this watch including messages and phone calls. In GPS Version you can only do if you have it connected to your phone. Another cool thing about this watch is if you just lift it up to your mouth and start talking Siri does listen to you and it’s a really cool way you can access that.

Apple Watch SE Review - Pros & Cons
Apple Watch SE

Apple Watch SE Pros & Cons

Let’s get into the pros and cons of the apple watch sc to figure out who this watch is actually for and I want to start off with the pros.

About the interface and the integration. so if you are using the apple ecosystem you probably already know just how well everything integrates and I’ve used a lot of other watches Suunto, and Garmin I’ve used google wear os watches. I’ve used pretty much every watch out there and by far the best one with the interface is going to be the apple watch it just integrates so well with your iPhone. it has so many features that are just really really well made for this watch and a lot of the apps out there are very tailored to this as well.

The interface of course is going to be great, the ecosystem is great and the chipset on here is very powerful. that’s a big plus as well because it’s not quite as powerful as the apple watch 6 but it is still very powerful so you should have no problem with speed. 32 gigabytes onboard means you can store tons of music and podcasts and anything you want to do so if you’re going for a run offline you can easily listen to hours and hours of music, of course, the limitation there is going to be your battery life.

Overall this is a really great watch but it does come with a few drawbacks that you want to be aware of the first one is actually like I said this watch does not have ECG or blood oxygen capability so if that’s important to you this is probably not the watch for you. now a kind of small drawback here I would recommend getting a case for this because if you look at it kind of like the galaxy you watch active 2 for example the face is the outermost plane so you don’t have any kind of bezel sticking up around it to protect the screen which means if you’re rock climbing or doing anything more intense it is likely that you would scratch the screen. so I definitely recommend getting some kind of plastic cover or case to protect your watch.

A few other kinds of minor drawbacks with this watch one of them is that it doesn’t have an always-on display like the apple watch 6 and being that you have sleep analytics on here you might want to be tracking your sleep which means at some point in the day probably every day you’ll have to find 60 to 90 minutes to charge this back up because the battery life from my experience only lasts about a day and a half so reasonable but definitely not that impressive.

Apple Watch SE Review Pros & Cons
Apple Watch SE


The apple watch SE is a fantastic watch I highly recommend it to the vast majority of people out there who have an iPhone and are looking for an everyday watch to track your workouts track your health have notifications and just be more productive on a day-to-day basis it really is an excellent watch in that aspect now there are a few people that this watch I really wouldn’t recommend them to so first of all anybody who’s wearing a suit and really trying to dress up and look fancy obviously it’s kind of a plain design here I would probably recommend some other watches out there that would look a little bit better.

Anybody who is looking for really long battery life if you really want to just if you just hate charging it or if you plan on really going off the grid there are other watches that I would recommend ahead of this one and a half day battery is not especially impressive and then For anybody who’s really trying to go into some intense analytics on their workouts if they’re trying to train for something more intense than just your everyday runner right if you’re trying to do a triathlon or stuff like that this might not be the best watch for you. but it definitely can get the job done don’t get me wrong but of course, there are some better ones that are more durable and more capable out there.

so guys that’s what I have to say about the apple watch SE. it’s very impressive I highly recommend it to the vast majority of people out there looking to buy a watch in 2020. of course. comment down below and let me know what you think of the apple watch SE any questions you have about it if you plan on buying it or not.

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  1. I just bought this watch yesterday and I’m already in love with it. It was so worth it. I am an educator in elementary school and this is great for work when you can’t use your phone. I work with students with behavioral issues more so and we have to record voice memos of them when they start going into an episode (it’s for legal purposes, to protect the staff in case parents attempt a law suit) and this is a convince for situations like that

  2. I mean with the iPhone SE and apple watch SE apple has really given opportunity to more people to be able experience their ecosystem on a budget. Really Appreciate the review man! Like always awesome work! 🙂

  3. Pretty smart move from Apple. Just wait a year from now, everyone who has an iPhone is probably going to have one of these especially if they get discounted at some point.

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