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The iPhone 12 pro max this is apple’s flagship. this is their biggest the most expensive most feature-rich phone that they brought out this year and it’s a big one. if you’ve been interested in this phone because you’re interested in the camera upgrade or the screen size I highly recommend going into a store to kind of feel it out before you commit to it because it’s a big phone in your hands.

It’s a long phone but it’s the width combined with that flat edge that just makes it feel a little bit bigger in your hands than you might expect.now on the back the camera cluster is also a little bit larger than the Apple iPhone 12 pros because it’s housing an improved camera system and this unit is in this new gold color and I gotta say ever since gold phones became a thing I’ve never liked the color of gold that phones have had even older iPhones like they just there’s always been something weird about the gold colors on phones like they don’t look gold they’re either too yellow or too vibrant like it’s never looked like real gold but this year the technique or manufacturing process that they’ve used to achieve this color is on points because this looks like a real gold if you compared to gold jewelry this is very similar in color to actual gold so if that’s your jam then this is a nice gold.

The screen is big 6.1 inches and because it’s relatively large there’s this optical illusion as if the bezels and the notch are smaller they’re not they’re the same size as the regular iPhone 12 pro but it’s a really nice screen. the reachability isn’t great for me like I have pretty average-sized hands I’d say and going across is okay but going up and down is just tough but I’m someone who likes small phones so I’m probably not the best person to ask about it.

The speaker system these sound the best of the four phones that launched this year this has like the richest and kind of best overall sound but I wouldn’t say that the difference is massive though right even compared to the mini which is arguably the worst of the bunch they’re all good sounding this is just ever so slightly better.

iphone 12 pro max

the battery life on the pro max is great it’s the longest-lasting of all the iPhone 12s like you’d expect right it’s the biggest phone with the biggest battery but I think a lot of people can get a comfortable two days of real use with this phone it’s just a really big battery.

okay, let’s move on to the camera system because that is the most important conversation to be had about the iPhone 12 pro max so there are three kinds of upgrades or three kinds of differences between this camera system and the one you see on the pro max. well like three main ones the first one is the bigger sensor it’s a new sensor it’s 47 percent bigger that’s very significant in the world of camera sensors technology when you bump up to like a 47 percent increase in sensor size that’s like it’s like a jump up in camera tier it’s usually quite significant.

the second thing is that that new sensor is stabilized so normally in a modern smartphone when you have any kind of image stabilization on a phone you’ll have the glass elements in front of the sensor and that’s what the camera system is moving around to compensate for your movements and just try to keep your images as clean as possible right but with this system, they’re moving the sensor and the theory behind is that because a sensor is lighter than the glass elements the image stabilization should be quicker and better.

the third change they’ve done is they’ve now added a 65-millimeter telephoto lens instead of 52. you just get a little more zoom range you can punch in a little bit tighter on your shots. so in good lighting conditions, it’s not a huge difference but the images are a little bit sharper and it’s got a better dynamic range than the regular iPhone 12 pro. I do have to zoom in and I do have to look for it right if I’m looking at these images just side by side I’m not trying to do a comparison they’re both good. I think it’s kind of a testament to how good the 12 like the regular iPhone 12 and the iPhone 12 pro shoot right now but the iPhone 12 pro max is ever so slightly better but the differences are more pronounced in low light conditions.

so the Apple iPhone 12 pro max with its bigger sensor and that improved image stabilization it shoots cleaner photos in low light than the 12 pro some of that might come from the sensor some of that might come from the improved stabilization but the difference isn’t massive. if I had to give it like a percentage improvement over the iPhone 12 pro on that main sensor I’d say like 10 – 15 percent better. the thing I was a little bit confused about though is like on the website I saw that number that said 87 improvements but that’s referring to the older iPhone 11 pro, not the iPhone 12 pro. so I was a little bit confused by that it’s a step up from the iPhone 12 pro but it’s not 87 percent.

Now stabilization in the video is very noticeable it’s smoother it’s more fluid it feels more properly tuned like your video just kind of glides into position instead of snapping around as much especially if you move quickly as iPhones videos have always been one of the best may be the best and this just separates it that much further the 12 pro max has a really nice stabilization system.

The telephoto lens it does exactly what you would expect right 2.5x zoom you can stand a little bit further away and shoot a little bit closer. The image quality between the iPhone 12 pro and the iPhone 12 pro max seem quite similar obviously you just get a little bit more zoom with the 65 millimeters on the pro max.

iphone 12 pro max

So the question you might have at this point is whether or not it’s worth picking up the iPhone12 pro max just for the camera system alone right if you’re someone who wanted a smaller phone you like the iPhone 12 pro you like the size but at the same time, you want the best possible camera system is it worth paying the extra hundred dollars and forcing yourself to use a larger phone just for that camera system and obviously your needs and wants are going to be a stronger indicator of which one you should get but my opinion on it is this the iPhone 12 pro this year the neural engine the deep fusion tech that’s happening in here is really good. it’s so good to the point where it almost compensates for the lack of hardware right obviously the Apple iPhone 12 pro max has the best possible hardware, best sensor best lens but this does a really good job it gets really close it’s only like really tough shooting conditions that the 12 pro max starts to really shine.

the other thing that comes to mind though is that I wouldn’t be surprised if the camera system that’s in the iPhone 12 pro max could have or would have made it into the iPhone 12 pro under different conditions like maybe they didn’t have the right production yields or maybe because of the pandemic they couldn’t make it happen but I wouldn’t be surprised if next year they put the same camera system into both phones it’s both pro phones like the big one and the small one so the point I’m trying to make though is that if you want a small phone and you kind of you know you just you want the best camera system but you really don’t want the big phone I think next year I mean i always say this next year but I think next year we’ll have the same camera system between the two phones if that’s a value to you.


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