Google Pixel 5 & 4a 5G | Comparison & Review

Google’s launch night event just went down and they announced a whole slew of new hardware but I’m going to focus on the two most interesting pieces to me which are the pixel 5 and the pixel 4a 5g.

These are two phones that google has been you know teasing for a little while there have been rumors there have been leaks and we finally know all the details.

Now I gotta be honest, these two phones are the most interesting phones that Google has put out in a really long time for me. like I love the pixel 1 and the pixel 2 and I kind of started to fall out of love with the pixel brand. at least with their flagship stuff.

Their A series was pretty on point but their flagship stuff has become increasingly less appealing to me and I think for a lot of you guys as well for I guess price that was a big thing. but if I had like a wish list right if I had a wish list of things I wanted pixels to have it would be like number one better pricing number two bigger batteries and number three, well this is a personal interest, wide-angled cameras and they nailed it.

The hardware this year looks so nice. the pixel 5 is going to come in at $700 and the pixel 4 a5g comes in at $500. and this pricing feels right. if you look at the hardware it just doesn’t feel like you have to justify anything. like the pricing seems to line up really nicely with what you’re getting. it feels like that’s just the way the price should be on these devices.

Google Pixel 5 & 4a 5G | Comparison & Review
Google Pixel 5 & 4a 5G Specifications.

I do want to draw your attention to a couple of things. number one the chip. so it’s running a snapdragon 765g on both of these devices and it’s a chip we’ve seen on the one plus Nord but it’s the chip that allows for better pricing on these new pixels devices but the thing is it’s really competitive on performance.

Like I’ve tested it pretty thoroughly it doesn’t matter if you’re playing games or just doing anything that’s processor-intensive it keeps up. it’s only in the really demanding 3d games that you’ll be able to tell the difference between a Snapdragon 800 series chip and the 765g.

The other thing I want to mention is the battery size. so the google pixel 5 has a huge battery compared to the pixel 4. like I got to be honest I don’t know how they fit it like this is the pixel 4. this had a tiny battery in comparison to the new pixel 5. and when you look at the size of these phones the pixel 5 is smaller and lighter than the pixel 4 but the battery is like 40 bigger than what was in the pixel 4. like I don’t know how they did it. obviously, the project solely took up a decent chunk of the real estate inside this phone but 40 % bigger battery in a smaller package, how sick is that.

Another thing I want to draw attention to is the back of the phone. it’s got a fingerprint sensor just like the pixel 4a but it is an aluminum back yet somehow it has wireless charging. I don’t know how they’re doing it but clearly, it’s some kind of magic going on because I have not seen another phone that could be charged wirelessly through an aluminum back panel. it’s pretty crazy.

The other thing is that new ultra-wide lens. The new google pixel has got an ultra-wide lens. I’ve always liked ultrawide lenses on my phones ever since that first LG phone did it. I just love it like you just be able to capture more stuff that’s just the type of photos that I take maybe it’s just like a lazy way of doing things you know shoot wide and then crop later but it’s awesome and to see them do it on a pixel. yes finally like I really want to see what google’s capable of when you take a good ultrawide sensor and pair it with software that’s built specifically for it in google’s camera system. it’s going to be good.

Google Pixel 5 & 4a 5G | Comparison & Review
Google Pixel Camera

so we have 8 gigs of ram on the google pixel 5 and 6 gigs on the pixel 4a 5g both of them with 128 gigs of storage the screens on both of them have that hole punch but on the Pixel 5 you’ll notice that the bezels around the whole thing are symmetrical like the top bottom left right they’re all evenly bezeled which I think is a nice look and it’s also a nice change compared to the previous pixels like some of those had huge notches.

the pixel 4a 5g has the bigger screen at 6.2 inches but it doesn’t have a fast refresh it’s still at 60 hertz. we did lose face unlock because they got rid of the project solely on the google pixel 5. so the only way you can get in there is through a fingerprint sensor there’s no more facial recognition but I think it’s a fair trade considering everything you’re getting for $700 and here’s the thing at this price point at that $700 price point the competition is different it’s not like what the old pixels were competing with. like right now I feel like at the $700 price point the closest thing out there not that it’s not good but it’s like the Samsung s20 FE.

I feel like Samsung s20 FE is a strong competitor to the pixel 5 but they’re clearly different right like normally google pixel phones have had to make like they’ve had a tough time carving out a niche for themselves right they were so they depended so much on their camera to be like this is the feature that’s going to carry the product but now the price and the battery and everything like so much more it’s so much more competitive this year what do you guys think? cool phone? same with the pixel 4 a5g?. let me know.

Google Pixel 5 & 4a 5G | Comparison & Review
Google Pixel 5 & 4a 5G Comparison & Review

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