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The classic iPad remains a great option for education users as well as people who just want an entry-level iPad. it comes with an apple pencil but this year it’s been upgraded to the apple a12 bionic chipset and the question I want to answer in this review is, does the iPad 8 worth it now? I mean this design is getting pretty old but it’s still a good value is it worth it for you to pick up.

It’s Packed basically just like another iPad box nothing really different from before. the only difference is that now you’re getting a USB c charger and this one is a larger as well so it’s 20 watts here. so it does charge a little bit quicker but other than that it’s your classic iPad box that it comes with pretty much every time you buy an iPad clean white look.

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iPad 8 Specification

The key specs that matter here for this iPad include stuff like a 10.2-inch retina display. now keep in mind. The Retina display still has a hollow feel to it I mean it’s not a laminated display. so it still has that kind of gap between bezels and screen. but other than that it’s pretty great

Ipad 8 has an eight-megapixel 1080p camera on the rear, no flash with this one so do keep that in mind you aren’t paying for you know a pro iPad with flash and wide-angle and all that stuff also. this does give you approximately three gigs of ram so you’re not getting a major amount of ram here either for this iPad but what you are getting is a really fast apple a12 bionic chipset and again there’s no promotion display on this one so keep that in mind. a 32.4-watt-hour battery rated up to 10 hours so this should give you some of the longest battery life in the iPad lineup.

You can get this iPad 8 in gold the silver color I have here or you can get this thing in space gray now I gotta say for $329 we’re already seeing 299 discounts and i expect this to go even cheaper on things like black Friday. I’m already loving the value proposition here but those specs we just talked about I think those are some great specs for this money, I mean you can do a lot with this iPad for just $329.

iPad 8 - Full Detailed Review | Apple |
iPad 8th Generation Design & Body.

Design & Body

Now talking about the design of the iPad 8, it has a touch id that looks like a blown-up iPhone 8 plus silver or pretty much any other iPhone with a home button. it has the classic iPad design, that’s not a bad thing if you really enjoyed apple’s older style design. you could see volume rockers, a front-facing facetime camera, nothing on the sides. very thin very light. I would say just about a pound. iPad big apple logo that’s the great thing about the iPad you get a huge apple logo. you do have your rear camera also we have up here our power button everything just feels classic.

There’s nothing really to cover here in terms of design besides the fact that you’re gonna get bigger bezels for this iPad. then you’re gonna see on something like an iPad pro but when apple made the 10.2 inches it got a little bit less on the top and bottom from the iPad 9.7.

Overall I still like this design. I think it’s a very comfortable pad familiar feel and I like that it has the faster chip but I will say that it’s getting a little bit stale in terms of “it might need an update on the next models” .but if you want to see the next design. I think the next model will probably give us a new design here for the iPad so this might be the final year with this one we’ll see how it goes going forward.

iPad 8 Display Quality

Talking about the display on here again 10.2 inches I like the size. I think it’s a good balance between large size and not too small of a size like an iPad mini where you really can’t get much done unless you want to do it in a cramped fashion.

What I don’t like again is the hollowness of this display. if you’ve used something like an iPad pro even your iPhone this thing feels just hollow and kind of cheap. it’s kind of unusual for an Apple product to have any kind of cheap feeling and that display that hollowness just kind of feels cheap I’m not gonna lie about that there.

With the retina quality, it gets up to 500 nits. It is Great because most laptops would dream to get to 500 nits. I mean you got to go to like those premium laptops to get that kind of brightness on a display. also the sharpness of the panel we’re talking over 300 PPI. we’re talking that retina quality so what does that mean you’re getting just sharp enough where you’re not going to see pixels on the display. so I got to say pinching and zooming everything is just fine I mean this is iPad os 14 so you’re gonna expect that smooth feel on here and it gives you just that.

The displays are gonna be fun here to use so when you are typing if you have large hands it’s pretty easy to type with this kind of like that but you can also pinch here in iPad os 14 so it gets even easier to type on the iPad again you can get a smart keyboard with this but if you’re watching some videos, because of the aspect ratio you’re still going to get black bars in the video but you’re not going to get any cutouts from no notches or anything like that this is iPad. you don’t get any cutouts on any iPad so that’s great.

Ipad 8 does have stereo speakers on both sides on the bottom. so you do have stereo speakers right there when listening to audio but there are no dual speakers. so it’s not going to be the loudest experience but it’s still pretty acceptable for what this product is.

Overall the display is excellent for this it’s just got that hollow feel that’s it that’s all I got to say about it there and if you want that more silky smooth promotion, again this is not a pro don’t expect that

iPad 8 - Full Detailed Review | Apple |
iPad 8 Design & Body.

Apple Pencil for iPad 8

so the apple pencil for the iPad I just want to talk about this quickly again this terrible design still exists here where you have to stick this pencil into the end over here on the lightning port it’s still ridiculous looking this is where the iPad Pro is leading ahead. you have a little magnet on the iPad pro. it just seems much more polished.

but at the same time what’s great about this apple pencil is that it just writes fantastic I already did a note earlier you can see it right there. it’s just the accuracy of it it’s just fantastic no matter what you’re doing on this you know writing any type of note it’s amazing it’s great for signing documents, great for drawing, great for taking notes in class it has plenty of colors here plenty of great apps within the app store to go ahead and take even better notes than the one in the apple no tab which is free and included. I would say great addition to this iPad without this it would seem kind of like you know it doesn’t have any extra add-ons but that’s a great add-on and with that, it’s going to check the price up a little bit. so do keep that in mind


one of the best new things about iPad 8 is that it also supports scribbles so anywhere within iPad os 14 you can use this apple pencil to scribble and just kind of write your searches. also if you’re on safari you can also hit any search box in pretty much any website and go ahead and search what you want here. it’s scary accurate how fast this thing is for the iPad 8. so you’re gonna really like scribble as well.


It does have iPad os 14 on board. it’s the first iPad I think to ship with this right out of the box. iPad os 14 we already showed you scribble that’s one of the main features for iPad os 14. but also it does include some of these new widgets, you get a different music icon in addition to that and when you go to things like files for example it does give you like a nice little bar off to the left you can kind of hide that away. you also do have this in photos and some other applications. so they’re getting neater organization with iPad os you have the full web browser within safari so you know excellent. I mean you could do a lot more than you could years ago with the iPad.

does it replace a laptop?

For some yes, for others that need certain laptop programs it still won’t do that but I think it’s getting very close and if you do get apple’s smart keyboard for this iPad it’s game over. you have yourself basically a little iPad this one, that’s actually the iPad we’re reviewing right there.

So overall software updates are coming for years with this iPad if you get it iPad os 14 is bringing some nice widgets some nice scribble features and unlike ios 14 for the phone, you don’t have that app library that a lot of people seem to not be liking. so right here you know you have pretty great software support the best you’re going to find on a tablet.

iPad 8 - Full Detailed Review | Apple |
iPad 8 – 8th Generation

iPad 8 Performance

when it comes to performance we’re talking about the apple a12 bionic. now we don’t get to talk much about this because pretty much every iPad feels pretty smooth but where this one is kind of like having that fast engine under the hood you don’t really think about it until you need it. that’s where this really starts to shine so when playing games when running benchmarks and doing video rendering specifically 4k video editing.

If you take a video on your phone and 4k you want to bring it over to the iPad this one’s going to be able to handle this thing like nothing. however, one thing to keep in mind is if you’re going to be running video editing or you’re going to be doing anything serious and you need the space you have to go with the 128 gigs because these 32 gigs are not gonna be enough space for basically anything this is not my main iPad that’s why I decided to pick up the 32 gig wifi with this one but I seriously recommend going to the 429 128 gigs if you’re gonna need to do 4k video editing and stuff like that. you’re going to need that space.

I don’t really see much of a difference between the a10 CPU and the other device, especially when just going through your everyday apps Ipads again are always very smooth but again when it comes down to it when you’re going to be rendering when you’re going to be playing video games when you’re just hopping through you know multiple tabs at once you will see no hiccups with this a12. so this a12 is leagues faster than so many other computing devices out there.

iPad 8 - Full Detailed Review | Apple |
iPad 8 Performance.

iPad 8 Camera

Talking about the cameras here with the iPad 8, now I’m not gonna say these are bad cameras I don’t think it’s a bad camera on here. it’s actually pretty good with good lighting but there’s nothing overly impressive about this iPad camera does it have great focus yes would it be great in a pinch yes but is it going to be pretty much an iPhone absolutely not.

so I wouldn’t really you know I’m not going to come over here and tell you this is an amazing camera because it really isn’t but they’re pretty good for what they are they’re basic cameras for your iPad and that’s about it you know that’s what you expect I mean most people are not using the cameras like it’s their main point-and-shoot camera like their iPhone they’re using it for facetime video chat and unfortunately, you know this camera right here on the front is not the best for that either. but it’s not terrible again I’ve seen worse on some budget windows laptops so I’m not gonna knock the camera too much I think it’s just a basic usable iPad camera that’s all I got to say about that

Battery Life

so battery life this thing right here has a champ easily 10 hours. sometimes I’m hitting around 11 on this one. so yes thumbs up for the battery life you’re gonna absolutely love it here for this iPad. this is one of the benefits of not having a promotion not having a 12.9-inch display not having you know to push so much on this iPad and having a very efficient processor you get amazing performance for this device.

so really do have to state if you’re looking for a great battery champ you’re gonna love this thing it’ll destroy your iPhone and just straight use in battery life so really this is an excellent battery tablet. when you’re having classes stuff like that if you fully charge it you’re going to get through your whole class day easily if you’re just using it for movies and you want to watch a couple you’re going to get tired before this battery gets tired so excellent battery thumbs up for the iPad 8th generation.


should you buy an iPad 8?

so overall discussing the iPad 8th generation. is it worth it? my answer to that is absolute if you need a good price iPad this thing is surprisingly good value. I use my iPad Pro 11 next to this and I can’t believe how much more that tablet is compared to this and what it offers, I mean they basically can do the same thing. yeah, you do have touch id which we didn’t talk about a much older way of recognition. you have a face id and a new one yeah you have a little bit of bezel on the top and bottom. get the black one if you want to cover that up. a little bit more it’s kind of hit hides away a little bit better.

The A12 Bionic is a beast in performance. so really this is an excellent value just because of the chip under the hood. but if you can’t live with this older apple design you’re like no way sir I will pass on that one. I will wait for the next edition with the newer designs this is not going to be for you. but other than that I think I think apple’s going to sell a ton of these on black Friday this holiday season just like they do every year and I’m going to stand by this one I’m going to say yes go ahead and pick this one up because it is a fantastic chip it is a fantastic software older design is familiar most people aren’t going to care.

well again it’s a pretty boring tablet in terms of nothing innovative or groundbreaking here it’s an excellent one are you gonna pick one up did you pick one up already iPad 8. let us know your experience down below if you found this blog helpful click the like button. I’ll catch you on the next one be sure to be well and peaceful.

let me know your thoughts on the ipad 8th generation.

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  1. I’m thinking about trading my 2 iPads for the iPad 8th generation. I’m keeping my Apple Pencil but I also need to get a trackpad to add with the iPad 8th generation.

  2. Just buy few days ago together with the Logitech slim combo keyboard with trackpad. Runs very smoothly perfect for notebook replacement.

  3. Love seeing how the apple pencil works with this ipad. I also wish they would make the original apple pencil charger better!

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